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Taking a Good Care of Your Diving Equipment

If you love diving, you should love your diving equipment as well so you don’t have to keep buying the new ones every time you are going for a dive in different destinations. Follow these simple steps to take care of your diving stuffs.

1. Wash with Fresh Water

After a dive, wash your equipment with fresh water without soap, unless it’s baby soap. Regular soap contains of chemicals that could damage your diving equipment meanwhile baby soap is not, so it is safe for use.

2. Soak for Hours

Soak all your equipment for at least 8 hours to remove the salt.

3. Dry it Naturally 

Hang and let them dry naturally without wipe.

4. Keep Away from Direct Sun

During the drying process, keep your equipment away from direct sun exposure to avoid the damage on the silicon layer.

5. Store in Container

Keep your stuff inside a well-ventilated container so they are not moldy.

6. Check Regularly

Make a regular checking of your mouthpiece regulator, regulator hose, fin strap and snorkel strap so you know which one is damaged before you use them.

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