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Magazine When You’re Invited For A Meal

No matter where you go, unless you are taking a packaged and guided tour, you will have to interact with the locals during your travel. Eventually, some may even become good friends. And in Indonesia, friends may invite you for a meal at their house. While your friends will try their best to be a good host, you, too, should be a good guest. Knowing the common ethics will help. Here are some that may come in handy. You may bring a gift, but don’t be disappointed if it is not opened in your presence as some consider it impolite. It will be opened and examined with appreciation later by the family. When you arrive, you will usually be served a drink, often with a snack. Don’t touch them until you are asked to.


Indonesians eat using a fork and spoon or their fingers, as most of the food is cooked in such a way as to break up easily. Follow your host’s example. Most Indonesian meals are presented ‘buffet-style’, so feel free to choose what you fancy. But avoid a tendency to take largish helpings. Just take a spoonful. Don’t worry about not getting enough to eat, because it is regarded very favorably to go back for seconds – and even more so if you go back for thirds!

Indonesians take endless trouble with food preparation and flattering comments on the cooking will be received with great pleasure.

Crossing your fork and spoon, habitually reverse side up, in front of you on the plate means you are finished. 

Source : Journey Indonesia Magazine – www.thejourneymagz.com