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Magazine Bali’s Spiritual Places You Must Visit

Bali is a famously very spiritual place, so it is impossible to make a list such as this one without mentioning the island. For a spiritual experience combined wih the wonderful view of Balinese waters, people head to the Tanah Lot Temple in the coastal side of beraban countryside, Kediri Sub-district. The temple is used to worship the sea god, Dewa Baruna or Bhatara Segara. About 30 kilometers from Denpasar, the temple is situated on a rock. It is set by the seaside, so during high tide, you will be able to witness the mind blowing view of waves crashing against the reef.

Tanah Lot means a small island floating on the sea, and the temple is “floating” on a small reef. Because of its location, Tanah Lot is especially busy during sunset because the view of the orange light behind the temple is spectacular. However, because of over-crowding, some tourists choose to visit the temple before sunset. Even so, the view is equally spectacular and the temple is still and probably will always be the most favorite spiritual destination in Bali.

Other than Tanah Lot Temple, another famous temple in Bali is the Besakih Temple on the slopes of Mount Agung in Eastern Bali. Located as it is on plateau, the atmosphere around the temple is always cool. Whilst Tanah Lot Temple has a view of the ocean, Besakih Temple has a panoramic view of the green Mount Aging with a peek of the ocean in the distance. The temple complex is sure to leave anyone who visits with a peaceful mind. The biggest temple in Bali, the temple’s name derives from the word “Basuki” which means “congratulations”.

Source: Journey Magazine, September 2015