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Magazine Bali’s Spiritual Places You Must Visit

Bali is a famously very spiritual place, so it is impossible to make a list such as this one without mentioning the island. For a spiritual experience combined wih the wonderful view of Balinese waters, people head to the Tanah Lot Temple in the coastal side of beraban countryside, Kediri…

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5 Unique Facts about Bali

Vacation time in Bali is always exciting! The beach, the mountain, the wild nightlife and friendly people as we passes the Kuta beach, to the beautiful nature in Ubud with mesmerizing scenery, those are just never fail to make you come back again and again, and more over when you…

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Pandan War, Tribute the God of War

The clocks shows midday when I arrive at Tenganan Pengrisingan Village. The village was like a fortress, surrounded by hills and forests. I walked down into this living museum to satisfy my curiosity about the eerie yet meaningful tradition of the Pandan war. Tenganan is one of few traditional villages,…

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Bali is an endless topic to be speaking of. It’s wonderful nature, culture, and traditional dishes have been spoiling tourists from around the world for centuries. There are various unique traditions in Bali, and one of them is Omed-omedan or famous as Bali Kissing Festival. This festival is only takes…

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