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Amazing Places in Bali

As an archipelago with thousands of islands ranging from Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia keeps some hidden places we call the secret paradise that are just waiting to be found. If you are happen to be in Bali or planning to travel to this island of gods, you better put these…

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A Laidback Day in Sanur

I believe there are two sides to Bali. The crazy, fun, party side and the quiet, peaceful, laid back side. The 5 kilometers coastal stretch of Sanur definitely represents the latter well. Bali is a tourist favorite for a reason. Being here for a couple of days, I have met…

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Planning a Honeymoon in Bali

Thanks to the movies, the idea of a perfect honeymoon usually involves bright blue sky, sparkling white beaches and beautiful ocean in some far away tropical island. Thanks to Bali, that’s exactly what you can expect and what you’re going to get. 1.    Choose your type of accommodation Bali is…

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Taking a Good Care of Your Diving Equipment

If you love diving, you should love your diving equipment as well so you don’t have to keep buying the new ones every time you are going for a dive in different destinations. Follow these simple steps to take care of your diving stuffs. 1. Wash with Fresh Water After…

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A Glimpse about Ayodhya

“Hayuning swargga tuwi masor, deningayodhyāpurā tiçaya, suka nityakāla menak, ring rēngrēng towi ring lahru” This is one of the quotations from the book of Ramayana story, which in English means: “The Ayodhya palace is invincible, even paradise cannot prevail against its beauty. There, lays the prosperity and serene, either when…

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