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Bali’s Top 5 Local Foods

To complement your holiday experience, you would not want to miss out its interesting and exotic selections of dishes, aren’t you? So, here is our version of the top 5 local foods you really must try in Bali this holiday:   1. Satay Lilit It is made of minced beef,…

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What is Wagyu?

An exclusive dining experience would never leave a beefsteak from its menu, and one of the most high quality meat ever made for a beefsteak is Wagyu. Wagyu (literally Japanese cow) refers to several breeds of cattle, the most desired of which is genetically predisposed to intense marbling and to…

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Fun Things to Do in Bali

You are going for a family holiday in Bali this month but still have no idea of what to do in this island? Read our article, we are sharing 5 fun things you can do in Bali with kids… 1. Monkey Forest As you walk through this gorgeous lush forest…

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5 Movies To Watch on Valentine

Then why you no book a flight to Bali, stay with us and have a delightful treat with Ayodya Romance? Wouldn’t it be so nice to rediscover romance on the island, enjoying uniquely designed interiors of our exotic yet comfortable room, and impress your other half with a candlelit table…

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Is Tipping Required in Indonesia?

Let’s be honest; tipping is one of our frustrations when traveling. However, in some countries, tipping is part of the culture and we’re required not only to respect it but also to experience it as a whole. We can’t simply pick out parts that we don’t want. How about in…

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