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Pakraman Village

Mass Cremation 348 sawas (corpses) were burnt during the mass cremation ceremony, also known as ngaben, in Pakraman Village, Bali; a ceremony that has inspired the world. Ngaben is a sacred, religious ceremony for the Hinduns and one of the main tourist attractions in Bali. This cremation ritual is considered…

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Magazine When You’re Invited For A Meal

No matter where you go, unless you are taking a packaged and guided tour, you will have to interact with the locals during your travel. Eventually, some may even become good friends. And in Indonesia, friends may invite you for a meal at their house. While your friends will try…

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Scuba Diving Bagi Pemula

Menikmati pesona bawah laut, siapa yang tidak tertarik? Hanya melihatnya dari layar televisi mungkin tidak membuat puas, menyelam langsung jadi pilihan terbaik. Ada beberapa kegiatan menyelam, salah satunya Scuba Diving. Untuk Anda yang belum pernah melakukan Scuba Diving, ini hal-hal yang harus diperhatikan : · Memahami Scuba Diving Penting untuk…

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Bali By Bike

Even a leading holiday destination like Bali can lose its magic once the novelty wears off, but that is when it’s time to find a new way of experiencing familiar surroundings, which is exactly what Bali Eco Cycling Tour offers. The First time I went to Bali, it was not…

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9 Best Apps for Travelers in Indonesia

Nowadays, no one leaves home without technology: a smartphone, tablet, e-reader, etc. Hence we are all part of the new way of traveling in this digital age. There are apps for everything and surely plenty for traveling. All great traveling apps have one thing in common: they solve problems. Each…

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