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Balinese Dance: Legong

Dance is a part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese People. Most of dances in Bali are connected to Hindu rituals, such as the Sanghyang Dedari a ceremony involving voluntary possession of two little girls by beneficent spirits. But there are also other dances that are created for entertainment purpose, such as Pendet and Joged. Dynamic, angular and intensely expressive, Balinese dancers express the story of dance-drama through their body gestures; fingers, hands and specially their head and eyes movements.

Among many traditional dances, there’s one dance that is so popular among tourists, the Legong dance that was probably originated in the 19th century as a royal entertainment. It is said in the history that Legong dancers must always have to be girls who have not reached their puberty, and begin their rigorous training at about the age of five. These dancers are valuable to their family and regarded highly in society because they will usually become wives to royal personages or wealthy merchants. Classical Legong dance enacts several traditional stories. The most common is the tale of the King of Lasem from the Malat, a collection of heroic romances.

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