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Amazing Places in Bali

As an archipelago with thousands of islands ranging from Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia keeps some hidden places we call the secret paradise that are just waiting to be found. If you are happen to be in Bali or planning to travel to this island of gods, you better put these 2 amazing hidden places on your traveling list.

1. Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach is located in Pecatu, South Bali which is almost untouched by tourists.  It has white soft sand and a stretch of beautiful greenish pockmarks with unique patterns as the water recedes. For those who love surfing especially the experienced ones, this is the place to be. Waves at the Dreamland Beach is unpredictable and will give you the ultimate fun time.

2. Batur Lake

This island is not just about beaches and sunshine, it also has mountains with cool windy air and provides an amazing view. In Kintamani, lies the small volcano, Mount Batur which is still active until today. The mountain’s eruptions thousands years ago have created a crater which is now filled with water, known as the Batur Lake. The lake is approximately 18KM in size and landscaped mountains surround it, people can even spend hours just to enjoy the peaceful view of it.

If you’d like to depart from Ayodya Resort Bali, call our reservation team and we can provide a car and tour guide that will take you there (request upon arrival). When you’re in Batur, don’t forget to visit the hot spring called Toya Bungkah, the water is believed to relieve various diseases.