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A Glimpse about Ayodhya

“Hayuning swargga tuwi masor, deningayodhyāpurā tiçaya, suka nityakāla menak, ring rēngrēng towi ring lahru”

This is one of the quotations from the book of Ramayana story, which in English means:

“The Ayodhya palace is invincible, even paradise cannot prevail against its beauty. There, lays the prosperity and serene, either when it rains or dry.”

Ayodhya, which in Hindi is written as अयोध्या, was an ancient city in India and also a sacred place for the Hindus. In Ramayana, Ayodhya is the capital of Kosala kingdom that is guarded by a powerful legion. “Undefeatable” is what it means in Sanskrit. If you ever read or seen the movie or dance of the Ramayana epic story you will imagine Ayodya as a beautiful and serene place.

That is exactly what we aim for when we start building Ayodya Resort Bali  years ago, we want you to have that unforgettable experience just like you are in Ayodhya palace which appeared in all aspects of our resort; the statues, the elements, design, and hand-crafted materials started from the main lobby to each of our rooms.

Ayodya Resort Bali has been standing for two generations, treasuring stories and memories from each of our guests and witness the romance of newly-weds and honeymooners from all around the globe. Thousands of people have created their stories with Ayodya, and it is time for you. We invite you to experience an amazing journey in the island of gods, take pleasure at Nusa Dua beach and creating new stories of your life at the most beautiful place in Ramayana story.