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5 Unique Facts about Bali

Vacation time in Bali is always exciting! The beach, the mountain, the wild nightlife and friendly people as we passes the Kuta beach, to the beautiful nature in Ubud with mesmerizing scenery, those are just never fail to make you come back again and again, and more over when you stay at Ayodya Resort Bali. Though you’ve been here for like ten times, there are some facts that you might not know or realize about Bali, such as:

1. Frangipani Everywhere

They are there in every houses, hotels, resorts, spas, even small stores and alleys. Frangipani is one of the important components in Balinese religious ritual such as when they pray, that is why this tree is always there and everywhere in Bali. Anyway, the smell of Frangipani always reminds you with this island, doesn’t it?

2. High Respect to the Customs

Balinese people mostly pay high tribute to their customs and religious rituals, even the youths. They believe in karma and reincarnation, so they respect nature and others wherever they are.

3. SUBAK as the World Cultural Heritage

When you go to the mountain side of Bali like Ubud, you will be stunned by the beauty of its staircase-steps rice paddy fields scenery. It is meant to be and been like that since the kingdom era. It is called Subak, a traditional irrigation system which by UNESCO has been agitated for one of world’s cultural heritage.

4. Who Balinese People Are

There is an epigraph written on stone which shows the fact that this island has been occupied since 2000 BC. They were people from India and China who firstly migrated to Bali in that era. The anthropologies and archeologists predicted that Balinese native people had a strong relation to the Southeast Asia and Far East Asian race, through culture and language used in that era.

5. First Tourist in Bali

The Portuguese are probably the first foreigner who came to Bali during the Dewa Agung rule in 1958. But then, Bali was widely known as a tourist destination since anthropologist named Margaret Mead & Gregory Bateson, a musician named Colin McPhee and two artists, Jose Miguel Covarrubias and Walter Spies published their works about how beautiful Bali is. Since then many people (or tourist) were attracted to visit Bali.