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5 Don’ts when you’re in Bali

For you who are about to stay for holiday in Bali, here we share 5 things that you must not do as a tourist so you can get the most out of your Bali Holiday.

1.    Don’t Haggle for 30 Minutes in the Market
Especially when you have no intention to buy! First, you will be exhausted and second, it considered rude for Balinese people. If you’d like to buy something, please bargain politely and use a reasonable price.

2.    Don’t Spend All Your Time in Kuta
Kuta is a popular beach among tourists, and maybe some of you think that if you have seen Kuta, you have seen Bali. You need to know that there are more to see in Bali than Kuta. There’s still a secret paradise that much more beauty and interesting.

3.    Don’t Only Eat Western Food
Hey, you are in a different part of the world, so eat their local food! You can easily find Balinese traditional foods on every streets, served in good presentation, great taste yet inexpensive.

4.    Do Not Entering the Temple With in Beach Outfit
Beach and sun everywhere, so you need thin casual clothes every day. We understand that, BUT, you are going to a temple, a place where people go to pray. So, please put on the sarong and Kebaya, or use polite clothes when visiting a temple or Pure.

5.    Don’t Hold the Horn Down
Being aggressive in traffic is frowned upon everywhere, even more so in Bali. Just honk the horn briefly to let other people know that you are passing.

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